Decorative Image: Emerging Managers Tree

Objectives and Goals

Prudential is committed to leading, innovating and being a driver of growth among Emerging Managers. With this, Prudential has developed an Emerging Manager (EM) program that seeks to

  • Provide access to new sources of capital across Prudential’s domestic business
  • Generate alpha; diversify managers of outsourced assets
  • Increase opportunities for managers that are often overlooked
  • Maintain a transparent and accessible investment program
  • Serve as an advocate for the segment

This program provides an opportunity for SIRG to identify and allocate assets to skillful investment management organizations with low firm and/or strategy assets under management while providing a transparent vetting process and feedback that will help managers become more competitive.

Consistent with SIRG’s fiduciary responsibility, the goal of this Program is to identify and invest in strategies offered by emerging investment firms with successful histories of generating positive alpha at an appropriate level of active risk. SIRG may consider an emerging manager after it has assessed return and risk characteristics that are no less favorable than the comparable broad universe of investment managers available for that mandate.

Managers hired pursuant to this Emerging Investment Manager Program will be held to the same performance, reporting and retention standards as all other investment managers overseen by SIRG.