Decorative Image: Emerging Managers Tree


Diversity is an integral part of Prudential’s business and drives everything from workforce development and supplier relationships to economic development, marketing and philanthropy. Prudential‘s Emerging Manager Investment Program is a natural extension of our legacy and history of diversity directly to the public markets.

Prudential outsources about $200 billion in assets to outside managers and has developed the Emerging Manager Investment Program as a way to diversify the managers we use to manage our own general account assets as well as those for our retail platforms, including variable annuity and retirement. We define an emerging manager as having assets under management below $6 billion and/or at least 51 percent owned, operated and controlled by a minority individual or group of minority individuals. Minority groups are defined as women, Black, Hispanic, Asian-Pacific, Asian-Indian or Native American.

The Strategic Investment Research Group (SIRG) is an investment organization, within PGIM Investments, with a long history of building customized portfolios and performing due diligence on investment managers. Guided by Prudential’s commitment to diversity, SIRG’s policy is to look aggressively for Emerging Managers that meet SIRG’s investment manager selection criteria: high-performance track record, stable portfolio management teams, understandable investment process, high peer group rankings and an established asset allocation process. SIRG’s manager selection process is inclusive, and we entertain a variety of proposals with the goal of providing an opportunity for minority and women-owned firms to compete on an equal basis for selection as investment managers.